Amazing Collection of Pediatric Personal Statement Examples: Make Your Fellowship Application a Success

pediatric fellowship personal statement samples

Pediatric Fellowship Application

Pediatrics is a favorite specialty of many doctors. However, it is not easy to enroll yourself in a pediatric fellowship. You have to follow the procedure and keep the deadlines of ERAS in mind. When you want to apply for a fellowship, you have to request for the ERAS taken first. The system asks for a fee and after submission of the fee, you can register yourself on MyERAS and start working on your application. The details about the application deadlines are also available on the official website. You need to submit a few documents with your application. The compulsory documents are a letter of recommendation, personal statement and medical school transcripts. Some programs ask for the MSPE as well, but that is not compulsory. If you want to apply or radiology, you need to write a radiology personal statement.  All these documents are important but a personal statement is considered the most important one. Pediatric personal statement sample can help you to write a good personal statement, which can help you to get enrolled in the pediatric program of your choice.

Top 10 Pediatric Fellowship Programs

You need to write a unique personal statement for every program, you want to apply for your fellowship. Pediatric personal statement examples can provide you guidance about the content and formatting. Here is the list of top 10 pediatric programs, which you can consider for your fellowship.

  • University of Pennsylvania: Perelman is not only the most famous college, but it is also top-ranked for pediatric fellowship. Usually, the application deadline is in the mid of October.
  • Harvard University: Boston Children Hospital is associated with Harvard University and is known to provide the best pediatric fellowship. It is ranked as the best children hospital in the country.
  • University of Cincinnati: It offers pediatric fellowship in a wide range of subspecialties.
  • John Hopkin’s Children Center: Cardiology, Allery and immunology, dermatology, endocrinology, and many other fellowships are available in pediatrics here.  is the link for details.
  • University of California: The UC offers three fellowships in pediatrics, namely, neurology, pulmonary and neonatal.
  • Stanford University: Pediatric diabetics and endocrinology programs of Stanford University are famous among students.
  • University of Colorado: The pediatric school of university offer fellowship in 30 subspecialties, but 17 are accredited.
  • Baylor College of Medicine: The college offers different fellowship, the most famous one is in the pediatric cardiology.
  • University of Washington: The university offers a large number of fellowship programs for the students.
  • Duke University: Allery and immunology, blood and marrow transplant, cardiology, childcare medicine, child abuse, endocrinology, and many other fellowships are available at Duke University.

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Pediatric Fellowship Personal Statement: 5 Effective Writing Strategies

Pediatric fellowship personal statement samples can help to write a personal statement. But they can be used for guidance only and you have to write your own unique and original personal statement. Here is the list of our 5 effective strategies, which can help you to write an effective statement.

  • The first important thing is to give your radiography personal statement due to time. Start well in advance, brainstorm your ideas and come up with something new and interesting about yourself.
  • Make an outline first. Arrange your points in chronological order. Narrate it like a story of your life, which highlight your abilities in the best possible way.
  • Read some ERAS personal statement examples pediatrics. Reading some successful examples will help you to know, what you are expected to write.
  • Use simple words, the admission committee is not interested in dictionary words. Focus on your writing style and tone. It should be formal but friendly. Try to connect with the reader and tell him how passionate you are and why you want to get enrolled in their institution particularly.
  • Editing and proofreading are very important. Never send your personal statement without proofreading. Get help from a friend or family member. If no one is available to help, do it yourself, many times.

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Specifics of Crafting Personal Statement for Various Pediatric Specialties

Till now, you should be very clear that you need to write a unique personal statement for every program and every specialty you want to apply to. Pediatrics have different specialties and competition is really tough in each one of them. Here we are briefly discussing these specialties.

  • Pediatric dentistry personal statement: See some pediatric personal statement sample and see what you are supposed to write. You need to mention that you know pediatric dentistry is a sensitive field and you understand its requirements.
  • Pediatric anesthesia personal statement: Pediatric anesthesia fellowship personal statement should be really powerful, and you need to prove yourself a competent fellow. It is a very critical field and is about life and death of children.
  • Pediatric emergency medicine personal statement: When you write your PEM fellowship personal statement (pediatric emergency medicine) you should mention your previous experience or any volunteer work in this field.
  • Pediatric cardiology personal statement: Personal statement for pediatric cardiology is as important as for any other specialty. Previous practical experience or published research papers in this field can be helpful.
  • Pediatric surgery personal statement: Apply to the program which offers pediatric surgery and have strong faculty. Pediatric surgery fellowship personal statement can help you to beat the competition with ease.
  • Pediatric neurology personal statement: Show your passion for neurology when you write personal statement pediatric neurology. You need to make them believe that this is the most important thing in your life.
  • Pediatric endocrinology personal statement: Pediatric endocrinology fellowship personal statement is important, and you need to do your homework before writing it. Collect all the important points which reflect you as the most suitable candidate.

You can get enrolled in the best pediatric fellowship if you write your personal statement properly. You need to use this tool effectively. Concentrate on your abilities and focus on your writing skills.

pediatric dentistry personal statement sample      pediatric cardiology fellowship personal statement sample

Pediatric Personal Statement FAQs

Some programs are pediatrics IMG friendly and in other enrollment of local students is more. To get enrolled in your pediatric fellowship, you need to write a perfect personal statement. Here are some frequently asked questions about the personal statement.

What should be the format of a personal statement?
Personal statement outline is like an essay. You have to write an introductory paragraph, then the body of the statement and concluding paragraph.
What should be the length of the personal statement?
No matter you are writing a pediatric personal statement or nurse personal statement, it should not be more than one and a half page.
What do selectors expect to see in a great personal statement?
Selectors want to see an error free personal statement, which is original and interesting to read. They want to read about your passion for pediatrics and their institution.
When I should start writing a personal statement?
You should keep an eye on pediatric fellowship openings. Start writing as soon as you decide about your specialty and give it due time. You can easily find details about ERAS 2020 timeline fellowship and decide accordingly.

For NRMP match 2019 – 20 you need to write your personal statement according to the requirements and make sure your personal statement format fits admission rules 100%. Keep in mind, only original, well written and error free personal statement can help you to get enrolled in the fellowship of your choice.

Our pediatric personal statement examples can help you to write a successful personal statement. We help you to succeed!