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Primary Teaching Personal Statement Sample

I am very much aware that I am one of ten those looking to pursue primary teaching course with you. Here, I can demand my spot above all in a prominent approach through the acquired past qualifications and experiences those related to the chosen program. I always want to work with children as I care for them a lot and it is always utmost priority for me to identify and address their needs while studying. I always find it interesting to handle children with their woes while facing student atmosphere during their initial days. I can understand well their situation being similar as them once before.

Recently, there was a new addition to my family in the form of a nephew for me. This increased further more my interest to be a primary teacher. I have concluded two teaching experiences since after my schooling within primary school environments too. Initial two weeks in my past experiences spent by me being a shadow for observing senior teachers and their approach in handling and teaching primary students. I applied something novice than others in a way that can suit well to the primary school environment. The kind of response received by me was tremendous from students as well as from the staff too. Now, I decided that it is time for me to acquire further qualification to be a best primary school teacher and applied to your program.

The new lessons going to be learned from this program can make me further more suitable and stronger to take up teaching as profession in primary school. Definitely, I will use wisely my past experience to gather more knowledge from this program and groom myself as a best teacher for the primary school. My current working as “School Perfect Buddy” is helping me to interact with 7 to 9 years age kids. All my past experiences and this current one will help me to explore new heights in your program and I am going to be a special student among the program for sure too.

I am a sincere student for your primary school teacher program and all my acquired qualifications and experiences can vouch this factor to a good extent too. I request your kind consideration to accept me into the program and my efforts will always be at high to reach the expectations of the teaching staff too.