Creative Example of Personal Statement for Teaching

Personal Statement for Teaching from Our Team

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Personal Statement for Teaching Example

Teaching is always my interest since I started my education. I am always been a good student with good grades throughout my schooling. I have good flair for science subjects and languages. The ambition to be a teacher has grown all along with me and it has been further stronger now. This is the reason to apply for your teaching program. I love children and I can understand their needs while taking up study at very younger age. My love for children is definitely another reason to have ambition to be a teacher too. I knew it well the better interaction with children can instill reasonable interest in them for studies. I always feel like being a right teacher for these children, who deserve more attention and care while studying.

I have good experience in teaching too, which acquired along with my schooling. Currently, I am working as a part-time teacher in a play school too. I am doing this part time job for almost a year and helping children to groom themselves as better students. My schooling and this little experience is strengthening my desire to be a teacher to a great extent. Definitely, your teaching program will help me to groom me as a best teacher and to be supportive for the students for excelling well at academic side. I am very much eager to acquire professional perspective to my teaching side with the help of your teaching program.

My schooling and acquired good grades can inform more about my sincerity towards education and my sincerity towards education is mainly to fulfil my ambition to be a teacher. During schooling too, I exposed myself with so many volunteering activities in order to be close with other children and to understand their needs well. I volunteered as assistant at “badgers”, which is junior section St. John Ambulance. My duty as badger is to look after children, entertain them and help them to follow well with their courses. I enjoyed well this experience, which gave me more scope to understand the children and their woes being students for first time.

I have proper qualification and experience to take up your teaching program and studying in your prestigious institute will help me to reach my professional goals well too. I sincerely request you to consider my candidature to take up the program.

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