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Personal Statement for Midwifery Example

I always have good flair to work with people and this instilled me reasonable interest in me to pursue midwifery. I feel this program as an opportunity to care about others those deserve it. I feel it proud about midwives as these are the real people those prepare female for motherhood. The support and help provided by midwife for a female in this process is truly remarkable and I find it as a best professional for me. Clinical side midwifery is also my interest too due to the involved clinical observations in it.

Before applying to this program, I had brief talk with an independent midwife and community midwife. This conversation helped me well to understand the real difference between these two professions. I felt it like interesting and worth working as NHS and I feel like most suited for it too. The challenges like situations with stillborn and some more are always interesting for me to face. I am very well studied and understood the working environments and situations of the midwifery and interested in pursuing this program as my career prospective.

My chosen future specialization after completing this program is special midwives those take good care of teenage pregnancies. I regularly follow the trends on midwives from MIDRIS website and read all the journals related to this field too. I have acquired ample overview about this program and this is increasing my interest for the program further more extent. I knew it well the importance of the related work experience to take up this program. I worked in care homes on temporary basis and acquired some of the rewarding caring skills through my experience. Another biggest asset acquired through my past experience is communication skills. These communication skills are another added advantage to be a best midwifery too. My past experience was as part of a team and this enabled me well how to work in a team and how to be a best part of the team too.

Recently, I worked for few weeks for children camps in Moldova too. All my listed details clearly showcased my skills and suitability to take up this program in your institute. I am a sincere prospective student for the program and look forward to acquire the spot with your kind consideration as well as the cooperation too.

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