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Geography Personal Statement Example

It is always fascinating to see and understand various cultures and different environments all around us in this world. Perhaps my childhood growth at various different parts of the world may be the reason for this interest too. This kind of interest always made me intrigued towards new places and the way people thrived. Also, I made it a habit since my childhood to read National Geographic magazine editions, which gave me additional opportunity to learn more about other cultures those never seen by me too. This is enough to explain, why I am interested in taking up geography program in your prestigious university. This is my dream to explore father the world and chosen program will open wide vistas for me to achieve my endeavor.

A degree in human geography is definitely something that I want to have and use it further to explore world and to build a career in it. I studies geography at my A-Level in order to have ample background and foundation for this degree. I regularly attend for many field work studies and these studies will offer me a chance to understand people, structures and cultures. My recent human field work investigation was carried out at Wolver Hampton. This field investigation has given me proper overview about population, structures and census statistics. This kind of field work studies helped me improve my knowledge in statistics as well as in writing too.

As a part of my unending learning curve, I regularly attend for many charity works. This experience will give me a chance to study many things around to us. This has expanded well my overview and skills to a great extent. Based on the acquired skills and experience, I am ready to take up this human geography degree program in your prestigious institute. I am determined to learn a lot from this program and this determination will definitely help me well to excel at academic front too. Also, chosen program completion will help me to further levels in geography field of study and helps me to soar high in this field as a best professional too.

I will look forward and wait eagerly for your positive response. The given chance will never go in vain as my efforts emphasized on the program will be rewarding for me as well as for the institute too in many ways without fail.