Writing a Good Journalism Personal Statement Example

Whether you are applying for undergraduate or graduate programs, you need to write a marketing personal statement. It is one of the most essential parts of your application because it is one of the deciding factor whether to accept you or not.

Journalism Personal Statement Example: Tips in Writing

  • the-best-journalism-personal-statement-exampleBe yourself: You can write about your education, family, passions or talents. The committee wants to hear something that is significant to you that are why sharing a story about it is nice. You can also share story on people you have met that shaped you on what you are now.
  • Show diversity: You need to explain why the school should accept you. You need to tell what you can contribute to them. They want to see how you can become different from others especially on diversity, Share what makes you unique.
  • Do a research and tailor your personal statement: Each college is different which means you need to make a research and ensure that you will tailor your essay accordingly. Provide concrete reasons why you are interested in that particular program.
  • Follow directions and be concise: You need to follow directions carefully and do not give them reasons in throwing out your application. If you need a help, ask the faculty members to give feedback.
  • Go beyond your GPA, resume and test scores: Many students are worry about their test scores and GPA that it affects their admission process. Your essay is your chance in explaining your weaknesses or strengths.
  • Tell a story:  You need to ensure that you make yourself memorable through sharing a personal story about distinctive from different or creative angle.

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Journalism Personal Statement Examples: Getting Started

Getting started seems to be hard when you do not know what you should do but with the personal statement tips, you have a helpful advice. Use the tips in satisfying the admission committee to know that you are one of the best candidates.

With the advice above, your essay can be the highlight of your application. Go beyond in discussing and telling a story. Meet the expectations of the committee to be selected and to become part of the school now!