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Chemistry Personal Statement Sample

Chemistry is always my first favorite subject since my child hood and since I come across with the Periodic Table of Elements. The first 12 elements are always more fascinating for me, which were discovered almost 450 years back. The way the elements placed on the table in the form of rows and columns always got a lot to teach us all. Especially, Dmitry Mendeleyev’s predictions always worth observing and this will allow you to understand the atomic number of elements and other characteristics. I was closely in contact with the Periodic Table and with its information since my education started and this helped me a lot to learn more about individual elements characteristics, their nature of atoms, and the way chemical compounds will form. It is definitely an acceptable fact that the entire elements behavior is basic backbone for the human lives and medicine practice too.

My exposure and familiarity with chemistry initiated me to apply for the Applied Chemistry within your prestigious institution. My determined interest to learn further more about elements and their nature with the Applied Chemistry will definitely help me to excel well throughout my academic path. However, it is hard to obtain command in my chosen field unless there is ample experimenting and the chosen program will allows me to fulfill this aspect to good extent I presume. As a preliminary step towards achieving my goal, I was attended with many career sessions on various science subjects conducted by popular universities. I also took advantage of the nearby commercial chemistry laboratories through paying a visit and evolved myself with valuable discussions from the experienced chemists in those laboratories too.

I knew it well that having interest on chemistry alone not enough to pursue my chosen studies. I have been more keen and attentive towards other science subjects too throughout my academic tenure so far and acquired good knowledge and command over subjects like mathematics, biology and some more too. My biology subject command will helps me to understand well the intricacies of human life and mathematics command will helps me to understand chemical reactions as well as attendant calculations to good extent. I am sincerely determined to excel well at the chosen Applied Science program and requesting to consider my application for admission. I will look forward to hear a positive message from you.