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Biology Personal Statement Example

It is very much a fact that human body complex process is no longer a riddle through learning human biology. This inspired me to apply for the Human Biology program. I am always a good forward thinking students since my childhood with ambition and ability to learn new things. I already inspired and having more interest about life-sciences and intended to have suitable professional study program in this field. Definitely, biology is an excited field of study for me to leverage well my abilities and skills to the good extent. It will offer me a scope to study and learn more about human body and its healthy functioning. I am looking forward to add this study with learning in depth details about the cellular function disorders and detecting and treating diseases through the chosen program too.

My college studies exposed me ample with this popular subject which is a blend of theory and practical in it. I had some lab experience too while pursuing my college and this exposure helped me to learn more and instilled further more interest on the subject too. My theoretical study at college familiarized me with living things study their anatomy and structure to the good extent. My other subjects at college include biochemistry, physiology, genetics, ecology, nutrition and some more. Definitely, my college level education helped me to acquire reasonable background on the human biology subject and create good understanding on the subject too. Currently, I am working as a part-time professional with a private medical company as research assistant. This working is allowing me to acquire good knowledge on research aspects, administrative aspects and some more.

My interest to apply for your university is mainly to gain good knowledge and your university with good reputation is definitely a wise choice for me too. Your university with a blend of traditional and modern building in the campus will definitely offer the things I am expecting for my education. I am really eager and enthusiast to be a part of the prestigious program from your university. My determination to excel well at academic front will add up well to your university standards instantly. The chance given to me will offer me scope to excel well at the human biology subject front besides being a prestigious student of your university in addition too.

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