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Zoology Personal Statement Sample Online

The acquired experiences and qualifications by me at college and through employment offered me a right a profile to apply for your Zoology program. All my acquisitions completely changed my perspective and attitude to a good extent and made me a best incumbent to take up this program too. Living organisms and environment is always my primary concern and this instilled in me a great interest to pursue my further studies in zoology. I wish to improve my knowledge and overview in the fields of animal behavior and physiology & biodiversity and ecology. My A level studies equipped me with ample biological aspects to pursue these fields well in the zoology program.

I am always more interested in Science and natural history of the world and visited few museums to learn more on these aspects too. My real and serious interest for Zoology improved further, when I read literature from the popular Steven Jay Gould like “Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toe’s”. Definitely, some of my A Level subjects’ background can result into a better overlap for the chosen real-life studies in the zoology program. I have acquired reasonable practical work experience for this purpose too. I worked as assistant for a laboratory that works on Experimental Physiology. I also worked as part time for a while as sales assistant with WH Smith for their Bradmore nursery in North Oxford. My past work experiences instilled me with good skills and the better ways to speak with others.

The Zoology program in your university is always my first interest because it can offer me a bright career and advanced level academic prospects for me. I have more devotion and determination towards the excellence within this chosen program. The opportunity given will help well to utilize my skills to good extent to keep my profile as well as university at the top in the Zoology field of study. I have valuable plans and anticipations towards this program and determined to excel well in it too.

I am very much serious to take up this program and wanted to soar high in the field of zoology subject too. I am intended to give my best to the program from my side and this can bring name for me, for my teachers and my family without fail.