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Veterinary Personal Statement Example

Career in veterinary medicine is always my ambition and I planned my entire academic path so far keeping in mind this ambition too. My acquired analytical skills, little experience, scientific interest and compassion for the animals is making me a best bid for this program. I used to take better care of all my household pets since as a child. This instilled a lot of interest and intrigued me more towards animal husbandry and care. I regularly follow the current affairs those related to animal welfare. All these instances are clearly indicating my interest and devotion for animal science and chose this program to pursue too.

I worked on temporary basis for few animal welfare organizations near to me. This experience offered me a good overview about the present day condition of animals and their required welfare. I regularly volunteer for the local zoo and work as help for the zoo keepers. This experience at zoo exposed me with some f the astonishing facts about the veterinary study. I had seen most zoo keepers feeding animals with Lucerne, which is a plant with extended nutrition values and its contained nitrogen capacity to fix bacteria is the animal root nodules. This experience and exposure increased my interest for zoology program further good extent too. All my past work experiences taught me, how to be with various animals and how to look after their needed welfare.

My schooling and covered science topics created reasonable foundation and background for to take up veterinary science program. My past experiences and finished special subjects in schooling will definitely support me to a great extent to perform well in this program. Definitely, I want to be a best student in the program through utilizing well my background and to learn further more to be a best career professional for future. The chosen program completion will offer me a chance to start a professional career path besides creating additional path to excel well at academic front too.

The Zoology program in your university is a greatest opportunity for me to prove to be a real professional. I am ready and willing to emphasize all the needed efforts for this purpose too. I request you to grant me access into the program keeping in mind my determination and acquired past qualifications and experiences.