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Youth Work Personal Statement Sample

I am the best example of the present day teachers’ immeasurable efforts for turning students into perfect professionals. I have acquired good knowledge and various special skills with the help of my teachers’ education and support at my schooling. These acquisitions from the classroom made me now a best student to consider my further education in youth work. My current acquired education qualification and additional specialized work experiences are making as a best candidate to take up this program in your prestigious university. I am willing to keep up utmost efforts without fail on the program in order to reach up to the expectations of the university teaching staff.

My past qualification and completed curriculum is capable enough to complement well the subjects involved in youth work program that is chosen by me now. Youth work program is always a demanding educational program that involves student into innumerable special activities in it. I am physically and mentally ready to take this strenuous program keeping p my efforts at high and using my skills to the required extent. MY current understanding, knowledge and interest over the chosen program is making me more suitable to take it up and your approval is definitely a vital part for it too. I went in detail through the program curriculum and seriously looking forward to excel well on it too.

Youth work program definitely deserves some prior experience from the student. I worked as youth worker in few rural community schools for more than two years. As a youth worker, my duties involved were preparation, planning and implementation of education activities for youth from the suitable teachers. My efforts always have been fruitful in providing the required awareness and debate among students in grasping their education. As a part of my working as youth worker, I conducted many debates for students over many controversial topics such as students poverty, animal rights and some more. My entire past experience is intertwined with mingling younger generation and learning valuable things from that participation.

Now, it is time for me to embark further levels and chosen your program for this purpose. I request your kind consideration to my candidature to take up the program. The chance given will be an opportunity for me to prove myself as well as to excel well too.