Pharmacy School Personal Statement Sample

Pharmacy School Personal Statement Onlineour pharmacy school personal statement sample

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Pharmacy School Personal Statement Sample

Chemistry is a subject with fascinating secrets kept intact in it. The present day medicinesare developed through the help of chemistry and many illness root causes are seen subsiding with the help of these medicines too. I had seen many deaths all around me since my childhood and I felt like diseases are the biggest threat for the human lives. I am determined to be a part of the medicine making industry since after coming across to many deaths of my near and dear ones. This passion made me to be of more interested towards the special subjects like chemistry, biology and some more. I believed and presumed that the skills and knowledge acquired in these subjects can help me well to achieve my planned academic goals. Now, I am applying to your pharmacy school to be a real professional suitable to work in the present day medicine industry.

I knew it well that little work experience can add up well to my [profile to be successful and right incumbent in this world. I worked as a temp in Wexham Park Hospital pharmacy department and exposed well with the real aspects of the pharmacy field to a good extent. This experience at the mentioned hospital allowed me to gain good knowledge through observing and analyzing patients approach and health charts. This helped me well to understand right dosage of medicine for the patients based on the ill condition and other aspects.

I am always more enthusiastic towards learning new things since my schooling. This enthusiasm helped me to keep abreast always with my science lab and event taking place at there by students, teachers and experts. This connection with my science lab allowed me to learn more significant facts about the various chemical and their help in making the best medicines. The information and knowledge so far gained by me will be no longer enough to be part of the current medicine industry and wanted to take up pharmacy program in your school to groom up well myself further.

I knew it well that I am still at the beginning levels at my academic front and it will not reach up to a certain extent until finishing pharmacy program in your school. I am sincerely requesting to consider my candidature and offer me the spot to realize my dreams well.

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