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Personal Statement Accounting Example Online

Latest trends and new topics from all over the world can clearly indicate the importance and value of accounting for the present days. The economic downfall during 2008 left so many horrifying residuals all over us and the impact was received significantly by all of us to different tunes too. Definitely, this situation created more awareness towards account ting practices and instilled similar interest in me to learn more in this field too. Here, there is no other significant place other than your university to learn accounting and I am sincerely looking forward to acquire a spot in the program too.

My parents are currently running a popular and long-standing family business and this is another reason for me to be of a better accounting professional. My daily routine automatically involves me with the accounting practices of my family business. Our business was also one among the strained ones during 2008 impact and our accounting practices taken new paths since after that too. Definitely, my association with the accounting practices of my family business instilled huge interest in me to take up this program and the knowledge learned by me will be utilized wisely up on my family business accounting too.

Accounting field is always special with wider spectrum and learning new things in this field will always be a greatest advantage for an individual at the present days. Importantly, unlike many other programs, accounting is something that really exposes you with rich practical arena to combat and gain wining. At this kind of situation, my first best step should be to learn accounting from a best academy and there is no other god choice for this purpose other than your university.

I knew it well that accounting field is enormous and many latest trends take place in it always. I feel it as my responsibility to keep up with these trends and I read Financial Times, Economic times and Economist regularly to keep abreast with the accounting trends taking place around to us. Now, I believe and presume that university life is something additional that is opening wide vistas for me to learn many real techniques and knowledge in this field. Make me feel privileged and blessed through offering me the spot in your popular university and let me achieve dreams accomplished through this accounting program too.