Writing Persuasive Graduate School Personal Statement Example

If you have some questions to answer  by well-qualified experts about how to write a professional and effective personal statement for PhD, it would be a good idea to highlight your unique qualifications and strengths at first. This task is difficult because you need to know what type of applicant the committee is looking for and it is you need to satisfy.

Graduate School Personal Statement Example: Do’s in Writing

  • accurate-graduate-school-personal-statement-exampleYou should construct a personal statement and ensure to have a thesis or a theme. Your theme is your main point to communicate.
  • Before you start writing, you should choose what you want to discuss to the readers. You need to discuss it smoothly and to have a good flow of ideas.
  • Using concrete examples based on life experience in supporting your them and setting yourself apart from others is required.
  • Write what interests you and excites you.
  • Begin your personal statement with attention grabbing such as quote, engaging description, anecdote or scene.
  • End the essay with strong conclusion referring back to the lead. Also, you need to re-state your theme at the end of your essay.
  • It is suggested that you edit or revise your personal statement at least 3 times.
  • Never forget to proofread your essay by reading it aloud.
  • Write succinctly and clearly.

Example of Personal Statement for Graduate School: Don’ts in Writing

graduate school personal statement sample

  • Do not include details that do not support your theme.
  • Do not start your personal statement with “my parents came from” or “I was born in”.
  • Do not write autobiography.
  • Do not try to impress your readers by using big words.
  • Do not try to be clown.
  • Do not provide collection of platitudes and generic statements.
  • Do not provide mealy mouthed for your test scores or GPA.

In writing, you need to have solid thinking, provide experience and significant information. If you want to get the attention of the readers, you need to know writing techniques because it will help you in writing your personal statement.  You might also want to check out personal statement for medical school or graduate school example online to have ideas how it is crafted. At first, it is hard to get started but when you know advice, tips or examples, you can use this guide! Besides best personal statement service is always ready to help you.

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